Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Strongman Training at Total Boxer is a 45 minute no holds barred workout that will leave you heart pounding and dripping with sweat, whether you are a pro athlete or complete beginner, male or female.

Strongman competitors are among the most powerful, most versatile athletes in the sporting world. Strength, power, stamina, functionality; you name the strength and conditioning component, these human bulldozers have it.

Making use of all the training toys you’d expect to see in competitive strongman, exercises are adapted to suit any level of fitness; if you are bustling with muscle or have never lifted a weight before.

A typical session could see you flipping tyres, pushing or dragging weighted sleds, performing farmers walks and a lot more!

Strongman addresses just about every aspect of physical conditioning, challenging everything from your strength to your cardiovascular health. The high lactate levels (that burny feeling you get in your legs when you workout hard and think your legs are going to collapse) in the session make it one of the most effective ways to lose body fat without compromising muscle.

The multi-plane force production demands of strongman training whilst trying to manipulate the awkwardly shaped objects stresses the body in a way many have never experienced before. If you’re serious about attaining the physique you are striving for, then you should definitely try this class!


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