Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Want to lose weight, build power and increase speed? Then you need the Strength & Conditioning class at Total Boxer. If you're used to CrossFit then you'll already know the benefits this type of training provides.

Our popular Strength & Conditioning format is designed to benefit you from head to toe, but especially to build the core strength you need to put real power into your punches and improve movement - helping you go harder, faster and for longer.

Strength & Conditioning training will actually help you lose weight, by increasing your metabolism and creating stronger muscles that will burn more calories and help to keep those unwanted pounds off.

You should also take the Total Boxer Strength & Conditioning class if you want to toughen up your tendons and prevent injury. After just a few sessions you will experience improved flexibility, achieve better posture and even increase bone strength.

It's a great class to take on its own or to complement your boxing training. During the 60-minute session, you'll be doing everything and anything to burn those calories, tone up and improve endurance. 

At a Strength & Conditioning class, you can expect:

  • Varied and challenging full body workout
  • Functional training for strength, fat burn & injury prevention
  • Body weight training including dipping station and chin-up bar
  • Kettlebells, dumbbells and weights station
  • Tire flipping, sledge hammers, box jumps
  • Footwork and ladder drills
  • Resistance bands
  • Battle ropes
  • Medicine ball and slam ball drills
  • And, much more...

Free for Apples and Androids.