Total Boxer Gel Hand Wraps


Total Boxer Gel Hand Wraps

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Brand new for 2019, we are delighted to announce the arrival of Total Boxer Gel Hand Wraps.

Designed for boxers of all levels, from beginner to competitor, Total Boxer Gel Hand Wraps are used under boxing gloves to provide excellent protection to knuckles and wrists when working the bags, pads or during sparring.

Gel wraps are usually easier and quicker to put on that traditional hand wraps, useful if you are a beginner or late to a session (which you should never be, of course).

Key features of Total Boxer Gel Hand Wraps include:

  • Top grade neoprene is filled with 10mm gel to provide the highest level of knuckle protection.

  • 200cm of strong cotton wrap for excellent wrist protection.

  • ’Mexican’ stitching to ensure a strong connection from the wrap to the palm.

  • Strong velcro closing.

  • Excellent ventilation to keep the hands cool through training.

  • Perfect for every level of boxer, including beginners.

  • Total Boxer branded.

  • Available in black only.

  • Sold in pairs.

Learn how to wrap your hands with our helpful tutorial video.