North London BOxing club with a whole Lotta Love!

"Went for a PT session with Matt to improve technique and form. Very helpful and a fantastic approach to training. Great analogies and advice! Learnt so much in the hour, will definitely be becoming a member."
Ben Bartleet, Musician

"Been a full month since I stepped into the boxing gym at Total Boxer. I discovered Total Boxer at the beginning of this year when my mental and fitness health were at an all time low. I’m so glad I took a chance and faced my fear and insecurity. It’s been 9 months and this club has made me into a more well rounded human being. The coaches... oh my gosh the coaches... every single one of them are unique and sincere and kind. I’ve never belonged to a gym where I truly feel like I fit in. So that’s my Monday love for Total Boxer, for Deniz, for Bobby, Jemma, for Steve and for Matt. Thank you for kicking my ass every single session."
Tiffany Chang, Chef

"I have Parkinson's disease and I started Total Boxer's 'Get Fit Not Hit' classes a couple of months ago to improve my fitness, co-ordination and strength without having to do competitive sparring. The instruction and support at Total Boxer are excellent and I really enjoy the challenge. All the team there are really friendly and despite my low starting point I feel motivated to do my best and improve at my own pace. I thoroughly recommend Total Boxer."

"Fantastic gym with great facilities and a friendly atmosphere and training environment. Lots of solid classes with great instructors and a mix of student levels from beginner to professional! Feels like a real team! Highly recommended gym A+++++".

"Thank you Total Boxer for a great day. A quality gym ran by real boxing people, good luck in the future."
Richie Woodhall, Former World Champion and Olympic Medalist

"7 months ago I was in the worst shape of my life... I'm now in the best I've ever been. Its all thanks of Total Boxer. I joined the club in January 2018 having never really boxed before, then leaping from my comfort zone i decided to sign up for one of their challenging, competitive fight nights. This meant that I had a reason to get up and out early, down the gym, daily and long term goals to achieve in a fun encouraging environment. It was an amazing journey. The boxing came first and everything else just followed. I never anxiously stood on the scales hoping to be a certain weight, or stared into a mirror. I just worked hard on achieving a goal and enjoyed it. 7 months later I couldn't be happier. Cheers TB".
Jonny Weldon, Actor

"Dear Total Boxer, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your supportive, fun energy has helped me ace my goals. I was apprehensive about boxing, thinking it may not be for ‘girls like me’ so was undoubtedly overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from both coaches and members. The club is vibrant and fun keeping me focussed and enjoying my workouts - the hardest part of getting fit is when you relapse. Now instead of being hard on myself or feeling like a failure I remember the coaches wise words - ‘breathe... reset’".

"Been going for a few months now and look set to do so for a long time. It doesn't have the intimidating factor that some boxing clubs wield but it does instil the same level of motivation to press yourself. Friendly (and crucially, knowledgeable) staff and the other members are welcoming too. My fitness has improved vastly since joining as has my actual boxing technique - worth trying at least one class."

"Amazing place! Literally hands down the best damn boxing place in London. Great coaches, good at both technical skills and a really good work out, plus super smiley fellow boxers so you never feel like a lemon going alone. We love you Total Boxer!"

"I've been going to TB for probably 4 years now, and I love it. The coaches made me feel super welcome from day 1, as I had never tried anything like boxing before. Both the "Get fit not hit" and "Fight Ready" classes are such a good full body work out, and as you're constantly learning, and tryin to improve, I rarely even have time to think about the fitness element. It's not like any other gym I've tried, really good vibes, and everyone's always buzzing to be there."

"‘Total Boxer for Life’ emblazons the wall and merchandise of this unique club. And once you go you’ll know why it’s more than just a passing fitness fad. I’ve been going to the usual gyms for the last 20 years (and spent a not inconsiderable fortune during that time too) but never have I been so fit, or so focussed or at such a friendly place before. The sessions are tough, but anyone of any fitness level can do it and boy does your fitness improve....and rapidly. Money wise it offers great value across a range of quality classes (with some fab discounts on offer too), with friendly, fun and experienced trainers. Total Boxer for Life? You bet."

"First class free and I fell in Love! Total Boxer is what I was looking for for a long time so I finally became a member. Great people, and you can feel the good vibes and passion for boxing!"

"Fantastic facility and such attention to detail in the gym. I’m a complete boxing novice but the whole team in the gym helped me through it and the Get Fit Not Hit class is a great challenge for 60mins."
Tom, Physiotherapist

"Fantastic gym with a great ethos! Really enjoy the classes here. Great way to get fit and learn some boxing skills with out the out and out machismo!"

"I have never been to a place where you all encourage each other to get better as we do in the Total Boxer family. Matt and Deniz and the team are the most supportive guys you could have in your corner to better yourself. A bookmark in my Biography. Thanks guys."

"Fantastic place to go to keep fit and learn how to box. I was a complete beginner and only 3 months In I feel like I've learnt so much from the trainers. The people and trainers at this place are so welcoming and awesome!"

"Brilliant place, been to only one class so far and loved it. Two more sessions booked and still counting!"

"Brilliant place and fantastic people. Feeling amazing after another 'Get FIT Not HIT' class this morning, Highly recommended." 

"Total Boxer is awesome! Such a friendly vibe! A really great work out no matter what class you attend. The trainers are all top notch, the people who attend are all loads of fun and really welcoming. I'm having the greatest time learning how to be a beast as well as getting strong and fit whilst making new friends!"

"Great club, recommend! Suitable for beginners/casual boxers and those who just want to get fit. FightReady classes are perfect for those who want to learn the craft and how to apply the combative element effectively. I have trained in many gyms across the world and Total Boxer has one of the most welcoming and friendly vibes you will find! Plus the coaches are awesome."
Anil, Boxing Coach

"I am a girl... and am going to a boxing club! The best thing about it? I feel great!! Firstly, it is a friendly bunch of people of mixed ages, men and women, fit and less fit, experts and beginners. And secondly, I am getting a great workout. The classes vary from teacher to teacher to keep it interesting. You will learn real boxing techniques while getting fitter and fitter but not being hurt. This is the signature of the popular "Get FIT Not HIT" classes which teach you the basic boxing skills delivered by excellent boxing coaches. I can highly recommend this club if you are up for a challenge (yes, your muscles may hurt afterwards :-)) and want to have a fun and great workout experience. All boxing equipment needed is available, the first class is free to check it out. Being a girl I was a bit timid on my first class but got hocked right away and am now going regularly to the club for 3.5 years."

"I've always struggled with keeping fit and moreover staying motivated to get out the front door. Total Boxer is the first gym I've ever been to that has kept me going consistently for over a year and now I can't imagine letting it drop: I'm fitter now than I was 20 years ago. The classes are brilliant, varied, fun and really challenging in the best way, whatever level of fitness or skill you're coming in with. The reason for that is the team of coaches, who are inspiring, encouraging and welcoming in equal measure. I believe they run the lights directly from founder Matt's infectious enthusiasm... The atmosphere is really friendly, and it feels like a genuine community. One of the many (and one of the best) reasons to love Crouch End!"

"Total Boxer is unlike any gym I've known. Firstly, you specialise in a specific sport which before seemed so scary to me but now it's one of my favourite things. Unlike a gym where most people keep to themselves, there is a real community at Total Boxer as you do a lot of partner work, allowing you to make friends and just enjoy your time there. And above all this, the staff are incredible. Everyone is extremely friendly and you do not feel intimidated, but very welcomed as soon as you have your first session. The encouragement is real, and they will always push you and you'll find yourself pushing yourself very, very quickly. I love Total Boxer and all their wonderful coaches!"

"Have been to a few boxing/kick boxing places before, and this is by far the friendliest. The concept Get FIT Not HIT is brilliant: few would disagree that getting hit is a choice but shouldn't be forced. Training is hard, and is available every day which is also unique. I also want to mention BoxingYoga. The name is simply great, contradiction at its best: in practice, it won me over straight. My not-yet-but-one-day-perhaps-will-be-flat stomach is probably thanks to this. I love the club, and never have been this fit. Thanks a million."

"First time boxer - long time couch potato... So you can imagine how nervous I was signing up for boxing classes. I booked a personal trainer for my first lesson to help me learn some basic boxing techniques. My instructor was very patient with me and made the session really fun. The following week I attend a trial class, this was a fantastic workout and boxing training. I would recommend Total Boxer to anyone and everyone. Now a year into my membership I'm loving every class and have definitely developed my boxing skills."

"Been training at Total Boxer for 2 years now and it's been an amazing journey. Much fitter, made loads of friends and now have a massive passion for boxing! Best club I've ever been too. Local, friendly and helpful coaches doing what they love! #WeTheBest"

"Banter, fun and fitness! From the very start you are made to feel like part of the total boxer family by all coaches and members. All classes are catered for mixed abilities and during the sessions coaches have their own unique way of ensuring they push you hard but make training fun and achievable for all."

"Not only are the classes inspiring but they are energetic and really hard work. In such a short time I have increased my fitness and developed a vast range of skills from skipping to boxing combinations. The coaches are great, friendly, always encouraging you to do more and to push yourself further than you thought you were capable of. I have only been a member for a few months but it's a membership I will continue to use for a long time."

"Definitely the most unique boxing gym in London! With the variety of classes available you can come to get fit, strong, flexible or become a fighter! A real sense of community both from the staff and the attendees. Looking forward to trying more classes in the future!"

"Best boxing club in London: nice atmosphere, open minded people, all welcome .. come as you are. There is a varied selection of classes and personal training varying from Boxing Yoga to Personalised Boxing training. The 10 coaches make sure that there is something for every need out there."

"Brilliant club, Matt and the Team are 100% focused on the clients and the clubs improvement. They do everything from just gym usage to BoxingYoga, give it a whirl you won't be disappointed."

"Total Boxer has great coaches and a variety of amazing classes. But what makes the club truly unique is the fun and friendly atmosphere!"

"They're warrior monks, they work you bloody hard in an inclusive and serious but non-threatening environment. I'm fitter, stronger, more focused and almost able to skip - this is progress!"

"Love Total Boxer - coaches and other boxers are super friendly to nervous beginners. Particularly love the fierce BoxingYoga!"

"Love this place! Great for all levels (and moving you from a non fighter into a competitor should you wish). Good gender mix. The tight community spirit makes you keep wanting to go back. Variety of classes at pre and post work times. The coaches get to know you, and offer constant direction to make you work hard, faster and more effectively. 100% recommended."

"For coffee go to Costa,
For lager go to Foster,
For excellent coaches and friendly faces,
Patient approaches will put you through your paces,
Time to get on that roster, and head to Total Boxer!"


"Where do I start? Total Boxer is what I think of when I think about a perfect boxing club. It starts with the perfect location, little outdoor area with breeze, perfect for hot summer days. It quickly moved to the awesome energy and knowledge that you get from the coaches here, they are always happy to help and will take time with you. They understand what you are striving for and they WIIL get you there and further, while having fun. The classes are intense for every level athlete, and you will love the diverse workout combinations. Get Fit Not Hit, Strength&Conditioning and BoxingYoga classes perfectly complement each other and get you fit, strong and more flexible in no time! I will definitely be returning for round two, hope to see you there!"

"Excellent gym with encouraging, supportive instructors and a friendly community of people to help you out. The FightReady class is a balance of intense cardio/HIIT rounds and proper boxing technique."

"Great welcoming club for all ages, genders and abilities. Well structured and supported classes."

"Love this place. Great coaching, very friendly, and perfect for all levels of experience"

"First official boxing class @totalboxer #crouchend #hornsey Thank you to the team for such a warm and friendly welcome and an AMAZING #FitNotHit class! Totally LOVED it!"
Ali Giles, Sport Producer

"I would rate this gym with 5* all over. A fantastic gym. As others have commented, the atmosphere in the gym is great, friendly club and made to feel welcome."

"I love this club, great coaches, classes and PT sessions, and always a friendly fun atmosphere."
Kai Hastie, London Underground Emergency Response

"Pre-show session at Total Boxer to kick start the day. Feeling fit & focused before performing tonight!"
Simon Bailie, Actor

"Feeling the effects of my first boxing class at Total Boxer last night! Had a great time. Crouchenders assemble - GO GET FIT #getfitmarch"
Kat Broadbent, Actress

"Total Boxer is the shit! Proper boxing, proper coaching and proper good vibes! You know it makes sense..."
Sons of Haringey

"First Get FIT Not HIT class on Monday at Total Boxer - still sore! Empowering experience, thanks Yvette - I will be back!"

"Loved going to Total Boxer today! Need to book in tomorrow now too! I've missed boxing, wish I could take these classes on tour with me!"
Christina Modestou, Singer/Actress

"North London's most yoga friendly boxing club."
OM Yoga Magazine

"Total Boxer are the pioneers of ’boutique boxing’ incorporating the technical instruction of real boxing training, with high intensity cardio."
Keep Fit Kingdom

"Just recently, I boxed my heart (and hands) out at the new Total Boxer studio in North London, a welcoming space with a ring and a punch bag section that has a 50/50 equal split between men and women members. For me, boxing is the perfect stress relief - not only do I get to hit things hard and bash out the day's frustrations, the concentration required to keep up the footwork and moves means it's the perfect distraction from a daunting to-do list. I also love the physicality of it - the muscle-building, sweaty, messy, give-it-your-all devotion that goes into each and every punch. In fact, at Total Boxer, I had to say sorry to the girl working out next to me because every time I sucker-punched the bag I grunted out a rather loud "OOOPH!"."

"[Total Boxer] offer a wide range of classes and training, without pomp or ego. Their team of trainers make you feel incredibly at ease from the moment you step foot inside the door… and their custom-made boxing ring. With a membership base comprising of 50/50 male and female members, it’s great to see that more and more women are opting to exercise in this way. There’s something incredibly empowering about training in a way that makes you feel strong, both mentally and physically."

"Get FIT not HIT is an incredibly empowering workout, accessible for complete beginners to those who have dabbled with boxing before. Utilising the core principles and techniques from boxing training, it challenges your body in new ways and makes for a tough full body workout!"
Christina Moi, ForkinFit

"Learning how to not get hit and get fit at @TotalBoxer If you haven't done it, it's well worth it. Most knackered I've been in a gym. Ace!"
Paul Andrew Williams, Film Director and Writer

"So the gods of karma listened and I'm moving round the corner from my boxing gym in London. @TotalBoxer I'll see you next month! #buzzing"
John McLarnon, Actor

"I've thoroughly enjoyed being a member of Total Boxer - it's a brilliant club full of such friendly people and such great coaches who are really passionate about boxing/boxing yoga and make you want to keep coming back for more!"
Lauren, West London

"Really professional top calibre trainers, and super friendly. Highly recommended."
Dom Burke, Photographer 

"I'm really enjoying my training. It's definitely the best gym I've ever been a member of."
Paula, Information Scientist 

"A great boxing gym, for genuine keep fit enthusiasts and boxers. The coaches and the friendly atmosphere gives a real community feel and has allowed me to see improvements in my fitness and boxing ability! Thanks guys!"
Karen, HR

"'Get FIT Not HIT' at Total Boxer does exactly what is says on the tin. An hour of intense fitness featuring boxing circuits and punch bags without any of the physical contact. This gritty hour long workout maybe a step out of the comfort zone for some but put the work in and you’ll find an exhilarating and satisfying experience awaits."

"Brilliant settings, amazing team, great offers and very enjoyable experience. Definitively worth joining!"
Peggy Guglielmino, Therapist

"Love Total Boxer, such a welcoming and inclusive team but they take no prisoners - be prepared to burn and feel the ache for many days after! It's the sort of place that makes you want to keep coming back, and after every session you always know you've had a great workout. Five stars!"
Kylie, HR Business Partner

"I have being training at Total Boxer for 5 months and I absolutely love the club! When I went for a trial personal training session I had a great first impression. The facilities and the equipment are really good, the club is very clean and I felt genuinely welcome. Whether in personal training sessions or classes, the coaches take the time to teach you and to perfect your technique. Every coach has a unique method and style, and training with each one of them will really help you to discover and develop your own. Everyone, from trainers to members, is really friendly and encourages you to push yourself. After training in different gyms and clubs, I've finally found a place where I feel part of a community. What’s more, the passion that everyone puts into their workout is so contagious that it makes you want to come back for more."
Graziana, Front of House Manager

"I joined Total Boxer after I gave birth to my daughter to help build my fitness and strength again. All the trainers have been amazing and have helped me regain my fitness levels and have a lot of fun in the process! The club is like a little family and you will enjoy the classes regardless of your level of fitness. Exercise is no longer a chore!"
Jemima, Business Analyst (and mummy)

"I'm so glad I found Total Boxer. A great community and friendly bunch with small classes and dedicated trainers. Regardless of your fitness levels you will find the classes welcoming and beneficial."
Jennifer, Charity Worker

"I came across Total Boxer last year, it's amazing! The coaches are great and supportive, it's fun, challenging, and it's a great way to get fit! Keep up the great work guys!"
Aneesha, Make Up Artist

"Had my first FightReady lesson yesterday evening with Deniz and it was powerful! Absolutely happy to have found a gym like this one!"
Roberta, Masseuse 

"I can't recommend the club and Matt, Deniz and their team highly enough. The club provides a safe space for people of all ages, gender, and ability."
Russell, Barrister

"I've been training here for about 3 years and just love it. A true 'club' - always look forward to a great workout with friends and fab coaches."
Helen, Finance

"First time boxer - long time couch potato... So you can imagine how nervous I was signing up for boxing classes. I booked a personal trainer for my first lesson to help me learn some basic boxing techniques. My instructor was very patient with me and made the session really fun. The following week I attend a trial class, this was a fantastic workout and boxing training. I would recommend total boxer to anyone and everyone." 
Monsur, Hotelier 

"Absolutely Love THIS PLACE! Everyone is really friendly and encourages you too push yourself, its so motivating being around such positive people. The membership package is amazing and really worth the money. I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness in a friendly environment."

"Total Boxer is the most fantastic gym full of the most fantastic people. All the different coaches bring there own slant to training and so over a week I can go to a variety of very different classes, each of which is brilliant fun. I've got so much fitter and best of all I've made so many friends. Everyone is made to feel welcome at the club and the enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere makes it a pleasure to train. If you are thinking of giving boxing a go then this is the place for you."
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"A great atmosphere and vibe. Trainers are all spot on and the classes are brutal (in a good way)."
Robert, Social Media Manager

"I'm so pleased I discovered Total Boxer when a friend recommended it. The friendly and supportive atmosphere, the wonderful people, and the incredibly knowledgable and skilled coaches make it a pleasure to train. Each coach brings their own approach to classes which means you can train every day and never get bored. Boxing has made a huge difference to my strength and fitness and I couldn't think of a better place to train. I highly recommend it."
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"I've been a member of Total Boxer for almost a year and particularly love the BoxingYoga classes. BoxingYoga is a very good way to let go of London stress. Very helpful instructors who really take their time with each person."

"Been going for the last 9 months or so. Great place to learn something new while getting fit. Trainers are great and it's a fun friendly place to work out at."
Phelim, Sales

"Aching after my first #GetFitNotHit class of the year! Oh how I've missed this place, even if it is a million miles from home."

"Quality boxing training session at @TotalBoxer Gym this morning Feel the burn! #GetFitNotHit #allaboutthefootwork #boom"
Sam Jones, Actor

"SteveO, hats off to you. It has been an awesome weekend of training, probably one of the best I've had in my 2 years going and toughest. Look forward to the next one." 
Stephanie, Police Officer

"Great place. Very friendly staff. Makes me sweat like a dog on heat. Would go every day if I wasn't a lazy beer drinking idiot."
Richard, Construction

"Wow, it's my one year anniversary at @TotalBoxer and I'm fitter and stronger than I've ever been... bring on the second year!"   
Rowena, Police Officer

"Awesome first training session today at @TotalBoxer Gym! Quality people and a great atmosphere #getfitnothit #boom"
Sam Jones, Actor

"Amazing session @TotalBoxer thank you @dezzo for the training! #technique #skills #training #GetFitNotHit #boxing #N8"
Dave Delgado, DJ

"Two brilliant @TotalBoxer sessions this weekend. I'm loving the variety Steve is bringing to the workouts. Thank you." 
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"Boutique boxing clubs are having a moment, but in my opinion @TotalBoxer is head & shoulders above the competition #getfitnothit"        
Christine, Fitness Blogger

"This morning reminded me why coming to Total Boxer was my best-ever training decision. What I wanted when I came here first was to be encouraged and pushed so that I would develop my skills and my fitness - exercise brain and body. Another boxing gym wasn't giving me that but I get it in spades at Total Boxer. Even when I end a class drenched in sweat, coming here is just pure self-indulgence. Today, at the early class, Tony was giving a couple of beginners the attention they needed to build up basic skills and at a later Personal Training session he literally kept me on my toes. Tony is brilliant coaching skills or conditioning, one of the great team of Total Boxer coaches - everything you read in the shout outs is true. If you are serious about training and want to exercise hard with friendly, committed people then this is the place. Beware though, it can become addictive but if, at 63, I can do it so can you!" 
Steve, Security

"Great start to the weekend- awesome PT session with #mattgarcia @TotalBoxer @RC_Odin  #boxing #London #Fightfitness"
Arna, Business Manager

"I really couldn't speak more highly of the #AmazingTotalBoxer and all the fantastic trainers and members! Top class pro training in a warm welcoming and friendly environment that makes me so happy to be a part of! Goes to show boxing doesn't have to be either intimidating or dumbed-down to boxercise to be inclusive! Love you all!!" 
Rowena, Police Officer

"Best place in London to box. Staff are exceptional with a great deal of experience and incredibly friendly and so are most of the people that attend. Whatever your skill level it's a great fit."
Michael, Student

"@TotalBoxer yeah there was a time yesterday I started thinking about writing my will, that workout was a killer :) #GetFITNotHIT" 
Alexandre, Structural Engineer

"Wakey wakey rise & shine, get out of bed its #boxing time! @TotalBoxer #fitness #London #summersweatchallenge #motivation #training #journey" 
Simon Bailie, Actor

"Today is a year since I started @TotalBoxer I've been to 116 classes, learnt loads and made some brilliant friends. Best boxing club ever!" 
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"Cleared my frazzled mind with a great session @totalboxer with the mighty @dezzo and power-punch Adam" 
Amanda Eatwell, Photographer

"Another fab boxing class @TotalBoxer ....I may be broken though! First class flying solo & Steve wasn't pulling any punches (excuse the pun)" 
Rowena, Police Officer

"Sundays @TotalBoxer are always such a brilliant start to the day. A particularly great warm up session by Steve today." 
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"Started my week off with an amazing PT session with @dezzo @TotalBoxer this morning! Feeling fresh!!! #controlcontrolcontrol" 
John McLarnon, Actor

"Crackin' @BoxingYoga class with @dezzo at @TotalBoxer with bright spring sunshine flooding through the skylight. #glorious" 
John, Theatre Consultant

"I found this place by accident when I moved to the area but a few months in and I love it! The trainers are hard but fair and I'm seeing progress even with my one weekly PT session with the lovely Deniz" 
Debbie, Banker

"Incredible first session @TotalBoxer today! Although I think I left my arms somewhere between Hornsey & Muswell Hill. If found please return" 
John McLarnon, Actor

"Good meeting Matt Garcia and his team @TotalBoxer tonight thank you to my sponsors @IconicBet for their support." 
Scott Quigg, WBC Super Bantamweight World Champion

"Good session @TotalBoxer last night and an honour to meet and chat to undefeated world champ @scottquigg afterwards." 
David, Production

"1st class of @BoxingYoga completed. Really hard but very enjoyable! Look out Matt @TotalBoxer I'm gonna be hitting those pads hard on Friday" 
Roy Summers, Personal Trainer

"First session tonight with @TotalBoxer tonight. Best decision I've made, feel amazing and so pumped. Now for bed...#fitfam #beawesome" 
Ian, Retail Manager

"No better way to start a Saturday morning. Top session @MattGarciaUK @TotalBoxer"  

"First day training at @TotalBoxer, brutal but fun. 'This is NOT a leisure centre, this is a boxing gym, WORK!' Love it." 
Sean Rees, Graphic Designer

"Great session with Matt @TotalBoxer yesterday! Aching this morning, but feeling good! Coming back for more next week." 
Roy Summers, Personal Trainer

"Very productive day today! As always amazing pads with Tony White @TotalBoxer in the morning. Getting sharper every time!" 
Jacek Toczydlowski, MMA Fighter

"There is no better workout than at Total Boxer. #destressingiseasy @TotalBoxer"  
Juliet, Student

"Had my final @TotalBoxer session of the year last night. Thanks to @MattGarciaUK and @dezzo for a great years training! #notaleisurecentre!!" 

"5-Stars. Without a doubt the hardest workout I've ever had. Total boxer is amazing! So good in fact, I signed up for a year!!" 
Shaz, Finance

"With the 10,000 hours theory, if I go to @TotalBoxer twice a week for 50 weeks a year, in 98 years I will be a really good boxer :-)" 
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"A stressful day massively improved by an hour @TotalBoxer I returned home, as always, in a fantastic mood. Thank you Deniz" 
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"@TotalBoxer made me fall in love with boxing #boxing #totalboxer" 
Coby Bull, Menswear expert

"Great start to the morning with Matt from @TotalBoxer. The boys are learning the ropes! @SaracensSportFo @HITZRugby" 
Craig Foster, Saracens HITZ

"Thanks for a brilliant introduction to boxing. Great fun and I'm looking for to going again. I can barely lift my arms now to drink a celebratory beer"

"Feeling solid after Strength & conditioning @TotalBoxer this morning - now for an awesome day ahead! #WorkoutWednesday" 
Rene, Social Media Manager

"We haven't even begun stinging yet, and already I'm floating like a bus." 
James, Superyearo

"Monday session @TotalBoxer a truly brilliant way to start the week. Ready to face the to-do list now :-)" 
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"So addicted to my new boxing gym. Love it love it love it!! #totalboxer @totalboxer" 
Jaimie-Beth, Model

"Feeling the burn from yesterday's excellent @TotalBoxer Boxing Yoga. #witnessthefitness" 

"Great training session with @TotalBoxer today. Looking forward to hitting the pads again on Thurs!" 
Simon Bailie, Actor

"If anyone's looking for a good workout, look no further than @TotalBoxer" 
Yani, Foodie

"Just signed up for @TotalBoxer membership. There are some great deals at the moment and the classes are FANTASTIC!" 
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"1st session with @TotalBoxer & worked so hard I vomited, but an awesome class & excellent staff. See you at the next one!" 
Richie Carr, TV & Music

"Unreal. Finally found somewhere and something that I love and gets me fit. So welcoming and a great bunch of trainers. I always feel ready to take on the world after a session."
Michelle, PR

"After 2 weeks of eating, drinking & not sleeping for #FIA14 I was back for a @totalboxer session y'day. Today, only pain. Pure sweet pain." 
Jeegar, Economist

"First session @TotalBoxer was amazingly good fun.  Thanks Deniz for a brilliant workout.  Am looking forward to coming back soon"  
Helen Bartlett, Photographer

"Over 1 stone lost since starting @TotalBoxer 6 weeks ago. Never loved working out so much. Here's to the next one... #boxing"  
Adie, Accountant

"Love it! Awesome place and everyone is sooo friendly. I was a little nervous at the start but everyone's so friendly, so there was no need to be nervous! BoxingYoga was amazing!" 

"Following the success of BoxingYoga in pre-season at our Training Academy, we set-up regular post-match BoxingYoga recovery sessions for our First Team. The sessions have proved extremely beneficial and it's no coincidence the squad are recovering faster from injury and showing improvement on post-match fatigue. We couldn't be happier with the effect BoxingYoga is having on the players and their ability to consistently perform at the highest level. I strongly recommend BoxingYoga to everyone."
Philip Morrow, Performance Director, Saracens Rugby Club

"So the email from @TotalBoxer made me realise I joined this great club over 2 years ago #TotalBoxerForLife" 
Izabela, PR

"Freaking awesome workout at @TotalBoxer last night. Definitely want more of it. Slightly sore today mind..." 
Sara, PR

"First session @TotalBoxer best workout I've ever had. Anyone got a spare of lungs? #dying" 

"You can't beat good customer service. Take a bow @TotalBoxer be seeing you shortly for some #getFitnotHit action" 

"As more of a yogi rather than a boxer, BoxingYoga felt like a really good, controlled core workout, and an incredibly strong vinyasa flow class. It sounds mad but it totally works - boxing and yoga sit in harmony with one another and each offers a unique aspect to the other that I really enjoyed."  
Project Hot B*tch

"By the end of the session, I am exhausted but elated. Whereas with other yoga classes I've often believed I've done my body some good, here I really feel I've had a proper workout." 
Top Sante

"First time in a boxing ring do @BoxingYoga with @TotalBoxer! Loved a good stretch after yesterday's run though a little stiff!!" 

"A couple of us are just back from a fitness and skills boxing session at @TotalBoxer, a fun friendly location at Hornsey rail station."
Eire Og, Gailic Football Team

"First session here last night. Intense, fun and just round the corner. Win, win, win... @TotalBoxer" 

"You know you've had a good workout when you have to avoid laughing the next day as it hurts too much. Thanks @TotalBoxer for kicking my butt!"  

"What a great class today. If we could have harnessed the energy in it we could have had an environmentally friendly rival to the national grid."
Paul, Social Worker

"I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the 1-2-1 sessions with Deniz. Every session is challenging and he brings something new, and keeps it interesting by making me think about what I am doing. Today was a prime example where he spoke about being predictable, being unpredictable, and adding variation in your boxing. He is an absolute credit to Total Boxer."

"Had my first two sessions @TotalBoxer and now I am in a considerable amount of pain! Well worth it though!!" 

"A seriously hardcore workout with the chance to learn a new skill and feel like a hard-ass as a bonus. A welcoming bunch of people, a great space, and I thoroughly recommend that women give it a go. My body hurt like hell but despite the muscular aches, I felt fit and foxy the next day. Goddamn lucky colleagues!" 
Carly, Project Hot B*itch

"Whether you box or not, BoxingYoga is a fresh perspective on yoga that will take your practice to a whole new level." 
Hip and Healthy

"I just wanted to say how wonderful the yoga class was on Tuesday evening. I had a really horrible day and I felt amazing after the class. Really loved it. Kajza is a wonderful instructor."
Margaret, PA

"BoxingYoga stretched me - literally - to my limits. This is a great fat-busting workout which also focuses the mind - and is loads of fun to boot. I'm left hooked - geddit?!"
Healthy Magazine

"There's no hiding from the fact that BoxingYoga is a tough class, but while you might expect to spend the next day in agony after a similarly gruelling gym class, the combination of movements and relaxation techniques means you come away with a clear mind and bags of energy. After just one week you can already see the improvements to your core stability. Fast forward four weeks and there's a visible difference comparable to weeks of Pilates. Walking taller, sitting up straighter, and the first signs of a toned stomach that I've seen all year. Plus, pair with one of Total Boxer's Fitness and Skills classes and you can work your tension out on the punchbag then get to work on relaxing your mind and building your core on the yoga mat" 
Red Online Magazine

"Lovely lovely session @BoxingYoga @TotalBoxer lunchtime today. Kajza is a brilliant teacher. Thank you x" 
Rebecca, Teacher

"Great session @TotalBoxer on weds with @StrongHeartUK putting me thru my paces. I look forward to trying some @BoxingYoga soon :-)" 
Charlie Watts, Professional MMA Fighter

"Thank you again for coming down to the Academy yesterday, it was much appreciated by the coaches and players. Having outside clubs such as Total Boxer come in and deliver sessions to our players has a huge positive effect on the squad, bringing a variation of Boxing and BoxingYoga and relate it to our needs gives credit to how diverse Total Boxer can be. The players gave us great feedback saying 'very enjoyable but tough', and 'I was pleasantly surprised how tough the BoxingYoga was'. It wasn't just the players who got a great deal out of it, even our very own Academy Manager Don Barrel had to try a session out for himself and was challenged in every way. From an athletic development point of view we found BoxingYoga very relevant to what we are trying to achieve in our Academy and we will definitely consider implementing some of the routines into our Junior Athletic Development Pathway going forward. I am sure the connection between Total Boxer and Saracens Academy will continue to grow in the future."
Sean Vine, Academy Coach, Saracens Rugby Club

"Thanks Matt and Tony @TotalBoxer for another great session and looking after me and @watts_charlie yet again. See you next week for more!"
Jacek Toczydlowski, Professional MMA Fighter

"BoxingYoga is great news for London's boxing community and for the city's yoga lovers alike. For the former it provides the opportunity to stretch out tight lower backs and hunched shoulders and to improve overall flexibility. The latter receive an intense workout without getting punched in the face." 
Yoga Magazine

"Feeling muscles today I haven't for several years... Moving slowly atm but roll on tonight's class for more!" 
Abbe, Teacher

"Thanks to @TotalBoxer @kajzaek @MattGarciaUK for today. Showing the @Saracens Academy what they do best. #relentlessenergy #boxingyoga" 
Sean Vine, Academy Coach, Saracens Rugby Club

"Thanks very much for coming to coach the boys at Saracens today @TotalBoxer" 
James Thacker, Saracens Rugby Club Academy

"Thanks for beasting me & Sarries boys today!! #boxingyoga Since when has yoga been so hard??!!" 
Freddie, Saracens Rugby Club Academy Under 16s

"Great afternoon with @MattGarciaUK and his team from @TotalBoxer. I think the players didn't realise just how challenging yoga could be." 
Jen Crooke, Physiotherapist, Saracens Rugby Club Academy

"Sessions at @TotalBoxer with Tony White have become a vital part of my fight camp. He's an expert when it comes to Strength & Conditioning and boxing skills." 
Jacek Toczydlowski, Professional MMA Fighter

"Totally recommend @TotalBoxer. New found respect for boxing fitness. Got a mean left hook #milliondollarbaby" 

"I've had a brilliant first week of my holidays @TotalBoxer. I've spent many hours there and loved every minute of it! Thanks everyone." 
Rebecca, Teacher

"Another amazing session @TotalBoxer with @StrongHeartUK. Conditioning is definitely improving, so is the footwork and hands. Thanks guys!" 
Jacek Toczydlowski, Professional MMA Fighter

"Another excellent session at @TotalBoxer. Last day at work before Latitude. Can't wait to cycle past lords and see the buzz." 
Alistair Tant, DJ

"Super synergy between @BeautyWorksN8 & @TotalBoxer :) swapping rose water eye pads and kiss ass punching pads at discounts!!" 
Ceylon Tearooms

"I can tell BoxingYoga is going to be the next big workout craze, the positions are intense and like all yoga when done properly you'll be feeling it!" 
Brunette That Sweats

"BoxingYoga is a wonderful blend of boxing technique and philosophy with ashtanga vinyasa yoga. This style of yoga is completely new to me, the boxing-inspired asanas were challenging and provide a fresh break from traditional forms of yoga." 
Energy For Life

"Was introduced to @BoxingYoga by @SweatyBetty_UK. Hardcore take on yoga. Will definitely try again!" 

"BoxingYoga enables me to stretch out all the important muscle groups I need for my training. Coming back from injury, it's been essential help for me to recuperate in a safe and effective way, whilst improving my strength, flexibility and speed. I'm also finding it gives me real peace of mind and mental clarity parallel to my normal boxing training regime."
Yassine Elmaachi, Prizefighter Boxing Champion

"BoxingYoga is perfect combination of relaxing floating yoga and powerful boxing moves, with plenty of planks and downward dogs. Just few sessions can make a big difference on your flexibility and core strength! This class will leave you energised, relaxed and stretched. Ready to kick start your day and fight with life.  Perfect!"
Katarina, Pole Dancer

"NB to self: don't schedule any deep breaths or laughter in the days following 1st @TotalBoxer class. Awesome though, I'll be back next week!" 
Jess, PR

"Breathing hurts, can't lift my arms and walking anywhere feels like a marathon...all thanks to an amazing but hardcore @TotalBoxer workout!" 
Hannah, PR

"If you want to get fighting fit in North London highly recommend @TotalBoxer gym for Strength & Conditioning, FightReady skills & BoxingYoga" 
Tim Payton, Sports Communications

"That moment u realize you're practicing your boxer stance balance on the tube... @TotalBoxer has taken over my brain in 12 hrs. #invincible" 
Liza, Grad Student

"Thank you to the guys down @TotalBoxer for the sessions today. We look forward to seeing you in pre-season"  
Sean Vine, Coach, Saracens Rugby Club

"Top strength and conditioning class with Tony this morning....albeit I don't want to think about burpees or squat jumps for at least another 48Hrs.."

"Another great BoxingYoga session this morning - I might even have wobbled slightly less than last session, progress! Kajza is really good at explaining the moves and helping you the most out of every stretch. Thanks." 
Eve, Teacher

"I just want to do a little 'shout out' to the great place that is #totalboxer. Since I walked In the door last September it has been the most welcoming inspiring, enjoyable (after a session) environment. I have tried most of the classes and still can't get enough. Anyone that hasn't tried it is missing out."
Beth, Buyer

"Really great BreakfastBox training session with Tony this morning. Totally pumped for the working day ahead!" 

"Just did my first ever #Boxingyoga class. Great experience & very good teacher => @kajzaek Will come back for sure @TotalBoxer @BoxingYoga" 
Klara Kjellen, Songwriter

"Loved my @BoxingYoga yesterday, great ache today! looking forward to not falling over quite so much at Thursday's session now." 

"@TotalBoxer So satisfying to put into practice all my Fitness & Skills training at a FightReady session #senseofachievement Thank YOU."
Lucy, Hospitality

"Thanks for helping me get fit enough to do @ToughMudder. PS - I didn't even puke." 

"1 stone in 3 weeks. Thank you @TotalBoxer :)" 
Kevin, Printer

"Fitness and skills at 9am. Personal training 10am. Fitness & skills 11am. That's how I am starting my bank holiday weekend @TotalBoxer" 
Kevin, Printer

"Loving the new @TotalBoxer app - so much easier to book classes. Nice work Total Boxer crew!" 
Matt, Business Analyst

"Awesome strength and conditioning class @TotalBoxer this afternoon. #sore #sweaty #beasted" 
Louise, Nurse

"First session back @TotalBoxer after a lonnnngggg time wasn't so bad after all. In fact I might have even enjoyed it."
Jess, Events Manager

"Fantastic session with @dezzo at @TotalBoxer midday today. Picked up so many useful tips!" 
Hani, Post-production

"Wicked 6.15pm Fitness & Skills session with Igor tonight! The endorphins have seriously kicked in." 
Eve, Teacher

"Happy 1st Birthday to @TotalBoxer from all your friends here (and thanks for a year of support too)" 

"Happy Birthday @TotalBoxer I still ache from Thursday but loving it! Might see you for a pint later." 

"Great to see so many new faces @totalboxer tonight, well done @MattGarciaUK & Bon chance for the future! See you at the gym asap" 

"@TheGNRTavern could be the safest and/or the most dangerous pub in North London tonight. Happy birthday @TotalBoxer @MattGarciaUK" 
Alistair, Advertising

"YOU ARE ONE!!! Happy Birthday @TotalBoxer. The place where you laugh your head off, not get it knocked off, and get spectacularly fit. xxx" 

"@TotalBoxer buzZZzin after the late nite session with Deniz...the 4 way sit-up was a personal highlight. Thank YOU @dezzo #neveradullmoment" 
Lucy, Hospitality

"@TotalBoxer The android app is great, all the functionality of the website with the convenience of an app #doeswhatitsaysonthetin" 
Edd, Chairman of DELTA

"Tony is one of the best Strength & Conditioning coaches I've had the pleasure of working with. If you can get to his classes I highly recommend you do!" 
Desmond, Coach, Gymbox

"Loved this mornings Strength & Conditioning class. And the sun is shining. What is not to like :)" 

"Awesome class @TotalBoxer tonight, would have tweeted this earlier bit only just regained the use of my arms!" 

"Massive thanks to Total Boxer for my white collar preparation. The FightReady Sunday classes with Matt Marsh really helped me yesterday."
Rakesh, Mechanic

"Great session today - tough for me as usual, but really good. Keep pushing! I wanted to say that I share 100% the spirit of the club and offer a personal thank you to you and other coaches for making us better men."
Denis, Volleyball Coach

"Great session at #BreakfastBox this morning - an awesome way to start the day before work. I'm there again next Thursday @TotalBoxer" 
Matt, Business Analyst

"Great class @TotalBoxer this morning - must have burnt off 1000 calories. Resisting the urge for cake and chocolate to put them all back" 

"Have just found out that when I attend @TotalBoxer I can get stamps towards a free coffee at my fav coffee shop @HarrisAndHoole awesome" 
Kevin, Printer

"First session at Tony's Strength & Conditioning class @TotalBoxer loved it! Ready for the next one (when I can move again) with @BecGiltrow" 
Matt, Business Analyst

"Amped after another Strength & Conditioning with the Mighty White @TotalBoxer Mind Body & Spirit fed by 9am... #Winner" 
Lucy, Hospitality

"Fantastic LunchBox session @TotalBoxer - perfect for core strength, fast-feet and agility. Netballers - give it a try! #GetFitNotHit"  
Natalie Morris, Editor, England Netball Magazine

"Fantastic LunchBox session at @TotalBoxer and who knew @BoxingYoga would be such fun? Perfect to strengthen your core and improve fitness!" 

"Another great session from IGOR. If you wanna get fit, train hard, learn some skills check out @TotalBoxer @MattGarciaUK @IgorCale2306" 
Guy Soulsby, Commercials Director

"Totally loved tonight's 6.15 session with Igor. Loads of defensive work and blocking. Feeling great!"
Eve, Teacher

"Another awesome double session down @TotalBoxer with @MattMarsh147 #puttingthehoursin #boooom" 
Louise, Nurse

"Great customer service @TotalBoxer. Unable to train for the next week, so they have extended deadline on my sessions #topwork #getfitnothit" 
Edd, Chairman of DELTA

"Great session with @TotalBoxer absolutely broken! Now for a long bath then an early night me thinks!" 
Jamie-Ray Hartshone, Actor

"Loved FightReady @TotalBoxer tonight. Igor delivers 90mins of painful progress." 
Ben Cooper, Producer

"Another great session with Igor. Tennis balls, wrestling there's nothing he won't use to get you fit! #fightready" 
Edd, Chairman of DELTA

"Loved sparring @TotalBoxer today. Caught one in the jimmys, but I'm hungry for more. Bring it on Matt Marsh." 
Ben Cooper, Producer

"Smashing DOUBLE session @TotalBoxer with @MattMarsh147 going to be in serious trouble tomorrow! #gohardorgohome #can'twalk #finished" 
Louise, Nurse

"Had a really awesome Fitness & Skills session with Deniz last night, thanks Deniz, tips on skills were v useful :) & great workout" 

"I just wanted to let you know, I LOVED last nights' class. Absolutely loved it. I don't think I've enjoyed a class, or even exercise, so much in my life! I'll definitely be signing up for classes next year. I'm gradually starting to ache a little more as the day is progressing. I'm glad I've signed up to it!" 
Shelley, Project Management & Construction, Lend Lease

"Words cannot express the supreme amazingness of this club, a shout-out Matt, Kib & Igor; three ingenious coaches under one roof @TotalBoxer"

"Brilliant @TotalBoxer session tonight with Igor. Straight home to hot shower and leftover risotto with porcini #yummers #didnttouchthesides" 

"I feel high as a kite right now. Still smiling. Arms hurt. Legs hurt. Stomach hurts. Bloody loved it. The steam was amazing." 
Carmen, Project Manager

"A great session yesterday at 6pm. Re-learning good technique and losing the bad habits I think is invaluable. Looking forward to doing it all again. And yes - I'll move my hips." 
Matt, Business Analyst

"As we stretched at the end, I felt equally pumped up and chilled out. Our glowing faces and the steamed-up mirrors were testament to our exertion." 
Hip and Healthy

"I've really enjoyed the sessions. Thanks for the coaching and motivation you've given us since we've started. It's the best I've physically felt fitness-wise for the last 10 years!" 
Carlo, Head of Mechanical Services Engineering, Lend Lease

"Great session tonight @TotalBoxer. We highly recommend it to anyone! We'll be back soon guys, thanks!" 

"The class wasn't your average boxing fit class, I learnt technique and understood why I was punching in certain positions so by the end I didn't just feel like I'd worked hard and sweated, I had a feeling of accomplishment." 

"I suddenly realised its been 6 weeks since I started going to @TotalBoxer. Loved every session." 
Hani AlYousif, Post-production

"Despite having butterflies before yesterday's class, I'm really pleased to say that I not only survived my first FightReady session but also really enjoyed it. The pressure is definitely upped from the Fitness & Skills classes and George and Matt made sure that we were all pushed pretty damn hard for the whole 90 minutes. I even sparred for the first time - I never thought I'd ever intentionally try and hit anyone! All in all, thumbs up from me. Thanks guys :)" 
Eve, Teacher

"6 months ago I'd never put a pair of boxing gloves on. Now, after a few months of Fitness & Skills classes I'm ready for the next challenge: FightReady! Matt really put us through our paces (and I'm feeling it today!) but, as always, he was encouraging and supportive and, most importantly, the class was loads of fun!" 
Jess, Events Manager

"The result is a much more rock'n'roll version of yoga, in which you keep all the positives of stretching and strength, while incorporating the technical grace of boxing moves." 
BodyFit Magazine

"Awesome FightReady session!! From the road work to the sparring & not forgetting the hardcore push up pyramid...loved it all!" 
Jenny, Nurse

"A big shout out to Matt, FightReady @TotalBoxer was simply phenomenal, an amazing experience with some amazing people. Loved it."

"Aching after my 1st @TotalBoxer session in 1.5months, but dam its good to be back! if you're in North London get down to #getfitnothit" 

"Survived my first double session yesterday and only feeling it a little bit today. Cheers for putting me through my paces, Matt. For the ladies in the second session: if I can do a double you certainly can :)" 
Eve, Teacher

"I think it's official. I'm a Meathead. Just compared deltoids, biceps & triceps with some Ladies Who Punch at @TotalBoxer, and I liked it." 

"The class was exactly what I had been looking for and was the perfect balance between core fitness and boxing fundamentals. Whilst I was a little more rusty than I had hoped to be, the instructor Matt was both patient and encouraging." 
Stuart, Lawyer

"As a boxing novice I was feeling a little nervous when I arrived for my first class. Matt immediately put me at ease and the class flew by. I sweated and laughed more than I have in ages and will definitely be back." 
Katy, Nurse

"So I've been going to @totalboxer for a couple of weeks. Fantastic exercise, lovely people, highly recommended!"  
Hani AlYousif, Post-production

"Thanks again for the workshop - it gave me the kick I needed to get back into fitness and was a lot of fun. I couldn't walk for a week after the first class but it is really encouraging to feel the results from week to week - although I was still knackered after each session, I was feeling less exhausted and more re-energised as the weeks progressed. The incorporation of yoga is particularly impressive and gave us a good stretch at the end of each session. I would and already have recommended the next workshop to colleagues." 
Natalie, Legal Counsel, Lend Lease

"Guys - thanks for the workout yesterday. I had a blast, even though I'm finding it hard to lift my arms! It was awesome, see you next week." 
Ben Cooper, Producer

"Move over Bikram, there's a new hardcore yoga class in town!" 
Zest Magazine

"Man, I am shattered! Thanks though, it was awesome." 
Emma Willis, TV Presenter

"Really enjoyed the session on Monday. The various different parts to the class will be perfect for developing my core area which is probably the area I need to focus on! Definitely feeling the DOMS [Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness] today in the arms and upper body. Looking forward to more Rocky songs tinged with some pain next Monday." 
Mark, Cost Planning Manager, Lend Lease

"I really enjoyed the class  It was a lot more intensive than I expected!! Looking forward to the next one." 
Ed, Cost Planner, Lend Lease

"Rarely has an hour been more exhillirating" 
LivingNorth Magazine

"Thanks to you and your team for a great first session, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and haven't stopped raving about it to my friends.. may even have a few (including me) that might sign up when the 6 weeks is finished!" 
Claire, Information Manager, Lend Lease

"It is my job to ensure we have the best health and fitness initiatives for our staff, and in all my time I have never organised busier or more popular workshops. I am extremely grateful to Matt Garcia and the rest of the Total Boxer team for the quality of their CorporateBox programme, and their professionalism delivering it. I cannot recommend Total Boxer more highly and look forward to working with them again and again." 
Laura, Foundation Project Manager, Lend Lease

"An hour-long BoxingYoga session was a testing but enjoyable way to stretch my footballers hamstrings - and every other muscle in fact - before the Boxing Fitness & Skills session that followed, and continued to blur the popular view that boxing is for boys, and yoga is for girls." 
Ham & High Newspaper

"Friday night on the sofa. Couldn't go out even if I wanted to - fitness & skills @TotalBoxer has totally wiped me out. Good fun though!" 
Jess, Events Manager

"Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the session this morning. I've been meaning to try some boxing for ages, and it was even better than I thought, so thanks! I'll definitely be back." 
Sarah, Football coach

"Last class there were two trainers cracking the whip on us. It kills me, but it's great... I wouldn't be at all surprised if I give birth to a mini boxing bag in 9 months." 
Carmen, Project Manager

"BoxingYoga was a fantastic workout for the core because every move required the muscles to be fired up the whole time." 

"First boxing session was brutal, but beautiful! Thanks @TotalBoxer." 
Angie Knowles, Actress

"I think the classes are one of the toughest but also most all-around and best training I have ever done! I was really impressed..and believe me it is as tough for women as it is for men!"

"Had the most insanely good unique yoga followed by boxing session yesterday with the amazing folks at @TotalBoxer GET INVOLVED!!" 
Ayesha, Model

"Total Boxer in North London has done a brilliant job fusing [boxing and yoga] into a fun, effective and totally unique workout."  
Zest Blog

"Just spent a few hours visiting @TotalBoxer - all the fun & benefits of boxing training without risk of getting whacked. 'Get fit, not hit'." 
Ben Pearce, Journalist

"A shout-out to @TotalBoxer I can't put into words how grateful I am for such an amazing club. You guys are the best." 

"Fantastic training session @TotalBoxer run by Matt 'The Drill Sergeant' Garcia. Fitness has a new name." 
Guy Soulsby, Commercials Director

"Great session with George tonight; my cycle ride home killed my legs though. Now having a much needed beer. Thanks as always." 

"I am new to boxing so wanted to get a few one-to-one sessions in with Matt to see how I felt about it as a way of getting fitter. To my surprise I have become totally into it and really enjoying the steep learning curve Matt is taking me on. Just in a few sessions I feel I understand more about the sport and my technique, stamina, co-ordination  is improving by every session. I am now considering making boxing my one and only form of exercise! I can warmly recommend Matt to beginners like myself. Don't be afraid to take up the sport, it's really fun when you get into it!" 
Jens, Photographer

"Had a proper workout at @TotalBoxer last night. Highly recommended!!"
Michael, IT Director

"Total Boxer, good luck to all the future champs! You got my blessings!" 
Sugar Ray Leonard, 6-time World Champ and Matt's hero

"My first boxing class @TotalBoxer. What a brilliant workout." 
Matt, Business Analyst

"BoxingYoga is the first Yoga work-out that directly targets the areas needed by boxers and fighters, bringing together the physical elements of traditional Hatha Yoga and the technicalities of boxing." 
Yoga & Health Magazine

"First boxing class @TotalBoxer today. Felt the burn for sure but at least I've earned 1 (or 2) of the macaroons I'm gonna make later!" 
Jess, Events Manager

"Matt is a credit to boxing." 
Dave Pocknall, GB Olympic Boxing Coach

"Thanks to @TotalBoxer for this afternoon session. Had a blast! And am still smiling. See you next week." 

"Big thanks to @TotalBoxer for putting me through my paces today."
Russell, Barrister

"Another great PT session with @TotalBoxer def recommend checking them out!" 
Kate, Designer

"Legs are killing me after intense workout @TotalBoxer yesterday. Bring on rock hard beach bod!" 
Lauren, Designer

"Amazing boxing session @TotalBoxer in this heat must have lost about half a stone... :)" 
Guy Soulsby, Commercials Director

"Matt was my trainer for my very first boxing session. Now, many months down the line, he trains me on a one-to-one basis. Matt is a superb coach: paying care and attention to his trainees, while combining his experience and expertise with great patience and good humour. What shines though most is his clear desire for his students to progress and better themselves - to always push harder, to always go further. Training sessions with Matt never fail to be utterly exhausting, totally exhilarating and extremely enjoyable." 
Eugene, Journalist

"On a scale of 1 to 10 of AWESOME, @TotalBoxer is TWELVE. (Or should that be 'one two'?) [I'm so sorry.]" 

"I recommend this to anyone! Walked into the gym not knowing what to expect, and walked out feeling like a I'd accomplished something. I've gone to the gym for years and know what a hard workout is all about, but Total Boxer is taking me to a place I've never been before. Come see for yourself!" 

"Just been put through my paces at Total Boxer. Felt like I got my arse kicked! If you're serious about getting fit and learning some boxing techniques, check them out!" 

"Had a fantastic boxing class at the new Total Boxer gym in Crouch End. Great class, lovely people. Spread the word!" 
Claire Storey, Actress

"Good luck @totalboxer with your new venture pal" 
Robbie Savage, Football Commentator

"Good luck with the new venture in 2012." 

"Matt's enthusiasm for boxing is infectious. It was only a matter of time before he started his own excellent gym. It has been a pleasure working with him over the years, and I am proud to call him a friend." 
Enzo Giordano, Ex-British Super Middleweight

"Matt is the best 1-1 technical boxing coach I have had to hone my ring skills and get my fitness in line. His edge is his analysis and subsequent personalised training routine that has been crucial to my learning quickly, effectively and my maintaining interest. Don't expect your average substandard 'Boxercise' class/tuition, this is the real deal where you will learn real technique and is as hard as you are willing to make it!"