New to Boxing or want to build your skills? Welcome to Personal Training at Total Boxer.

Boxing training can seem pretty daunting if you've not done it before. It's why Total Boxer was established - to make boxing fitness training safe and fun for everyone, whatever your experience or fitness level.

If you're an absolute beginner to boxing training, Personal Training at Total Boxer is how you can learn the basics and build your confidence. We put the 'fun' in fundamentals for beginners, by getting you seriously fit while teaching you:

  • How to stand and be comfortable in the boxing stance

  • How to throw straight and curved punches

  • How to throw punches in combinations

  • How to use footwork and move without losing balance

  • How to shadowbox effectively and assess yourself

  • How to throw body punches

  • How to use a skipping rope like a boxer

  • How to avoid punches with lateral moment and footwork

  • How to block punches with hands and elbows

  • How to effectively use the heavy bags and speed ball

  • How to set goals for your training

Not just boxing

With an excellent coaching team to choose from, your Personal Training session doesn't just have to be about boxing. Maybe you want to focus on boosting your fitness or being guided on the way back from injury or a long absence from training. It's your session and you can have it however you want it.


Unlike other clubs, we don't charge extra for you to bring a friend to your session. Training with a partner is a great way to motivate each other and share a really fun experience, while benefiting from the focus of a Total Boxer personal trainer. It can also be a pretty handy way of sharing the cost!


Ask your Total Boxer coach to record your private training session. It's a great way to study your technique away from the club or show-off your skills to friends. And, it's completely free!

step up your game

If you have experience in boxing training and want to take your boxing fitness and skills to the next level, we'll show you:

  • How to throw longer punch combinations

  • How to throw faster combinations without losing technique

  • How to practice defensive combinations

  • How to mix punching and defensive combinations

  • How to coordinate footwork with punching and defence

  • How to improve your reflexes with boxing drills

  • How to improve your head and lateral movement

  • How to be consistent with your technique

  • How to develop your ring-craft in light-contact sparring

  • How to manage your energy and efficiency in movement

  • How to feint and set up combinations

  • How to recognise and box against different styles

  • How to identify your own boxing style

Whatever your needs, Personal Training at Total Boxer is structured according to your technical level, experience or fitness requirements. We get you fighting fit and ready to rumble in a safe and encouraging environment.

Equipment Needed

You will need boxing hand wraps and gloves for the class. It’s no problem if you don’t have your own, you are welcome to borrow them from us on the day, free of charge.

If you’d like to buy your own, Total Boxer boxing gear is top quality, looks great and is available to buy online, ready for collection on arrival.