Get FIT Not HIT®

Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

The first of its kind in the UK, since 2012 Total Boxer's legendary Get FIT Not HIT® boxing fitness and skills classes have been helping everyone, including absolute beginners, get fighting fit in a seriously fun way, without getting hit in the face.

Total Boxer's Get FIT Not HIT® boxing fitness and skills classes are easily one of the best ways to quickly lose-weight, increase fitness, improve conditioning, build confidence, de-stress, learn self-defence and develop total body strength.

Through guided rope-work, shadow boxing, pad-work, bag-work, including the ever-popular speed ball, boxer-style circuit training and plenty of encouragement from excellent Total Boxer coaches, we'll help get your mental state and physical shape to a whole new level, while learning the true craft of a fantastic, fun and challenging sport.

Classes are demanding but fun, friendly, and open to everyone from absolute beginners to boxers, whatever your level of fitness. 

At a typical 60-minute Get FIT Not HIT® boxing fitness and skills class, you can expect:

  • Total Boxer TechCheck™ to guide you through the boxing basics of stance, guard, punches and movement

  • Skipping-rope work to warm up and practice footwork

  • Shadow boxing for movement and technique

  • Pad-work with a professional coach

  • Various punch bags including speed-ball

  • Use of professional boxing ring

  • Dipping station and chin-up bar

  • Medicine ball sit-ups and leg-raise station

  • Kettlebells for strength and endurance

  • Battleropes for power and conditioning

  • Hardcore boxer-style circuit training

  • Great music and atmosphere

Equipment Needed

All participants require boxing hand wraps and gloves. We do have used equipment that can be borrowed, but if you’d like to have your own, Total Boxer equipment is top quality, look great and available to buy online, ready for collection on arrival.

"Get FIT not HIT is an incredibly empowering workout, accessible for complete beginners to those who have dabbled with boxing before. Utilising the core principles and techniques from boxing training, it challenges your body in new ways and makes for a tough full body workout!"



"Total Boxer offer a wide range of classes and training, without pomp or ego. Their team of trainers make you feel incredibly at ease from the moment you step foot inside the dooR. With a membership base comprising of 50/50 male and female members, it’s great to see that more and more women are opting to exercise in this way."



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