Suitable for intermediate to advanced (not for beginners).

FightReady™ is where you up your game & improve boxing craft.

If you've learnt the basics and your fitness is improving, what's next? FightReady™ is an advanced boxing session where you learn more about the 'sweet science' of boxing, develop your footwork, defensive skills, overall technique and how to own the ring.

Total Boxer FightReady™ coaches focus and guide you on all aspects of boxing technique, fitness and philosophy in a session that includes technical drills and optional low-contact, touch-sparring.

If you're preparing for a White Collar boxing match, FightReady™ is perfect to help you with technical preparation, particularly through sparring and skills drills.

There is no minimum requirement to join FightReady™ sessions, everyone is welcome, although some prior Get FIT Not HIT™ or boxing training experience is recommended.

If you choose to participate in sparring you must use 16oz gloves and wear a gum shield, headgear (available at the club) and clean boxing shoes or trainers.

At FightReady™ you can expect:

  • Road work

  • Rope work

  • Shadow boxing for movement and technique

  • Various punch bags including speed ball

  • Defense, balance and awareness

  • Partnered pad work

  • Optional low-contact touch-sparring

  • Great for White Collar boxing fight preparation

  • Use of professional boxing ring

  • Ringcraft, fight strategy and boxing philosophy

  • Medicine ball sit-ups and leg-raise station

  • Dipping station and chin-up bar

  • Kettlebells and slam balls for strength and endurance

Equipment Needed

You will need boxing hand wraps and gloves for the class. It’s no problem if you don’t have your own, you are welcome to borrow them from us on the day, free of charge.

If you’d like to buy your own, Total Boxer boxing gear is top quality, looks great and is available to buy online, ready for collection on arrival.


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