The North London BOxing CLub created to punch fear in the face.

If you've ever slipped on a pair of boxing gloves to spar, worked a punch bag or on pads with a boxing coach, you'll know how challenging and technical boxing is, but also how much fun it is, too!

Based in North London, Total Boxer was established in 2011 as the UK's first Get FIT Not HIT™ boxing club, specialising in real boxing fitness and skills training in a friendly, non-threatening environment. 

We remove the fear of boxing training and share its thrills in a safe and welcoming club for everyone. Come to Total Boxer at any time and you'll find men and women of all ages that are focused, learning new skills, having fun and getting seriously fit!

Total Boxer Members by gender - September 2017

Widely considered pioneers of recreational boxing fitness training in the UK, Total Boxer are responsible for world-famous class formats, including BoxingYoga - a yoga-based training system for boxers - ranked as 'one of the UK's best fitness classes' by Men's Health.

In 2016 we grew into a larger 3000sqft facility and were recognised by Vogue as 'one of London's elite boxing clubs’.

In 2017 we launched ‘Total Boxer Juniors’ to get more young people into the sport and discipline of boxing and our philosophy of healthy attitudes and positive behaviour. 

Later the same year Total Boxer were proud to be awarded Inclusive Gold Partner by the Action For Kids charity and voted Best Boxing Club in North London by a popular boxing channel.

Total Boxer founder, Matt Garcia, receiving the Action For Kids Inclusive Partner Award, 2017.

So, whether it's our fitness and skills busting Get FIT Not HIT™ sessions, advanced boxing training with FightReady™, the uniquely challenging BoxingYoga™, high intensity boxing training in 30 minutes with HIIB®, boxer-style Personal Training for rapid conditioning and skills development or Strength & Conditioning, we can guide you from total beginner to Total Boxer. 

Or, we can just get you seriously fit in a really fun way - it's entirely up to you.

Total Boxer Community

You'll also find Total Boxer is a great place to train with like-minded people and make friends. When you marry challenging training with a friendly environment, bonds are created. And, not just by the punch bags. The club has a community group on Facebook and we love getting everyone together to throw down the gloves at our birthday or Xmas parties, or at the legendary Total Boxer summer cook-outs.


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