The North London Boxing Club KO’ing fear since 2011.

Wraps donned, gloves fitted, gum shield inserted - anyone with experience in taking these steps before heading into the ring knows that boxing isn’t just a sport, but an art form - a technical, challenging and complex one at that.

They’re also well-versed in how fun it can be. The rush it brings. How exhilarating it feels to be in that ring, weaving in and out of punches, giving as good as you get.

It can make a person feel alive.

Total Boxer exploded onto the scene in 2011, established by England Boxing Coach Matt Garcia in North London. It was the UK’s first boutique boxing club, honing in on raw, authentic boxing training that’s taught in a friendly, encouraging and motivational environment.

Beginner, advanced or competitor, all are welcome. Anytime at Total Boxer you’ll be surrounded by passionate, like-minded people all looking to get a sweat on, acquire a new skill and take their fitness to another level.

Total Boxer Members by gender - January 2019

As well as our Get FIT Not HIT® classes, we have created world-famous boxing training formats, including BoxingYoga - ranked as 'one of the UK's best fitness classes' by Men's Health and HIIB® - high intensity interval boxing training in an action-packed 30 minute session.

2016 saw Vogue rate Total Boxer one of London’s ‘elite’ boxing clubs, as well as being awarded Inclusive Gold Partner status by the North London-based charity, MyAFK, formerly Action for Kids.

Total Boxer founder, Matt Garcia, receiving the Action For Kids Inclusive Partner Award, 2017.

Expansion was the order of the day in 2017 as we moved into a 3000 sqft facility, which saw the launch of Total Boxer Juniors - sharing our passion for boxing with the younger generation, building self-confidence, discipline, co-ordination and fitness.

England Boxing Lo.png

With the close of 2017 and the end of our fifth year, Total Boxer were proudly voted the Best Boxing Club in North London. This was swiftly followed early 2018 by achieving affiliation to England Boxing and establishing our competitive division, Total Boxer Amateurs.

Later the same year, Total Boxer became the first fitness facility in North London to introduce the super challenging but awesome fun, Strongman Training format - a no holds barred workout that leaves you heart pounding and dripping with sweat.


In the summer of 2018 Total Boxer were honoured with a MINDBODY Visionary Award, given for business excellence in the fitness industry.

The Community

When intense training and a welcoming environment become one, a unique bond is created. You’re surrounded by like-minded people that want the same out of their session as you; to train hard, have fun and get fit!

This bond isn’t exclusive to swinging bags and whirring jump ropes, though. It stretches across towns through the power of the internet with a club-only Facebook Community Group - a hub for members and coaches alike, where plans are made for Christmas parties, birthday dos and summer cookouts!

Something for Everyone

Regardless of your goal; weight loss, muscle growth, performance enhancement or de-stressing we’re sure we can get you from total beginner to Total Boxer in no time, all whilst meeting new faces and having the time of your life, too!

So, whether it's our fitness and skills busting Get FIT Not HIT® sessions, advanced boxing training with FightReady™, the uniquely challenging BoxingYoga™, high intensity boxing training in 30 minutes with HIIB®, strength building Strongman sessions, boxer-style Personal Training for rapid conditioning and skills development, or Olympic level amateur competition, we can guide you from total beginner to Total Boxer. 

Or, we can just get you seriously fit in a really fun way - it's entirely up to you.


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